1st to 14th January first access 5 p.m.
17thm to 21st January first access at 17:15
24th January to 2nd February first access at 17:30
From 7th to 18th February first access at 17:45 
Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday: last time slot 20:00-20:15 / closing time 21:00
Friday - Saturday: last time slot 21:00-21:15 / closing time 22:00


Tour suitable for all ages and accessible to visitors with limited mobility.

The visit lasts approximately 1 hour.
During the tour there are strobe lights and lasers that can damage camera lenses.

Hiking shoes or shoes with a waterproof sole are recommended.

Access to Lights in Nature
Access only on the date and time purchased

Access to Lights in Nature
Access the day and time of your choice



The most famous lighting event in the world arrives for the first time in Italy, in Rome, and prepares to illuminate the nights in the Brancaccio Gardens. 
From 14 December, at nightfall, the magic becomes reality. Come and live a unique experience to share with your nearest and dearest. A night walk in a world inhabited by marvellous creatures where light is the absolute protagonist.





Remember that all is not lost and hope for a better future always remains alive. Our commitment now can make a difference and bring about vital change for our wonderful planet.



Your journey will take you to the earth element, where, small as an insect, you will see the tiny, human-sized inhabitants of soil and mud. Discover the vital importance of dung beetles for soil and pollination, feel the presence of animals lurking in the undergrowth, see their eyes glow in the dark and accompany 35 fire ants into their anthill. Watch the once moist and fertile land turn red and orange in the flames of the fires that ravage flora and fauna and transform a rich environment into a desolate heath that only decades will restore to its original lushness.



Explore the depths and the seabed. Here the trees turn into reefs and let your walk through the aquatic landscape transport you to a dream at the bottom of the sea. Swim alongside a 6-metre whale, schools of hundreds of fish and floating jellyfish... and unfortunately also among the rubbish that has become a sad part of the fantastic seascape.
Let yourself be lulled by the sound of waves, bubbles and enveloping music.



Soar through the air and let your imagination fly. Abandon yourself to the sweet symphony of birds that seem to converse from their small dwellings in the trees.
Fly through the clouds together with the dragonflies, which can only survive in places with clean, pure air. And then turn a thought to our planet; birth in fairy tales tells us of storks bringing babies to be lovingly cared for. In the same way, our Earth needs to be nurtured, protected and safeguarded from smog, smokestacks and pollutants that threaten it from above like ruthless vultures.

Giardini Brancaccio

Roma Via delle Terme di Traiano, 2



Metro Station B Cavour
Metro Station A Vittorio Emanuele
Metro Station A/B Termini


Fermata Merulana/Brancaccio 16, 714, C3, 75


Termini Station and then 10 minutes on foot or line 714


From the South: A1 Motorway Northbound > E80 Motorway > E24 Motorway Centrebound > San Giovanni > Merulana Direction
From the North: Highway A1 Direction South > Highway A35 > Motorway E80 > Motorway E24 Direction Centre > Direction San Giovanni > Direction Merulana
From the East: Motorway E80 > Motorway E24 Direction Centre > Direction San Giovanni > Direction Merulana
From the West: Exit junction Eur direction Roma Centro via Cristoforo Colombo > Via Delle Terme di Caracalla > Via di Parco del Colosseo > Via Labicana > Via Ludovico Muratori > Via Ruggiero Bonghi > Via Angelo Poliziano > Via Carlo Botta > Via Terme di Traiano

GENERAL TICKET: includes access only on the date and time purchased.
OPEN TICKET: includes access the day and time of your choice.

- If you have purchased a reduced ticket, the staff at the access control desk will be able to ask you for the document proving your right to the reduction

- Children under 5 years of age must collect their free ticket at the ticket office (5 years not included).

- You can show your ticket at the entrance in both paper and digital format.

- The visit lasts approximately 1 hour.

Here are some details on how to make the most of the visit:
- Lights in Nature is outdoors so it is advisable to wear warm clothes and comfortable shoes
- Lights in Nature can also be visited in case of rain. The event will only be cancelled if the weather could pose a danger to visitors. In that case, visitors will be notified by e-mail.

- Carrying bulky backpacks is strongly discouraged. This would considerably slow down security checks and consequently access to the event.

- The route is also accessible for people with reduced mobility or in wheelchairs, for whom there is a dedicated access and several emergency exits. Disability certification must be presented.

- There will be no wheelchairs available for visitors.

- There are toilets for persons with reduced mobility.

- For children under 12 years of age, adult supervision is mandatory.

- For safety reasons, bicycles, skateboards, balloons and similar objects that could endanger the lighting installations are not permitted.

- In the event of lost items, please contact the ticket office or the Customer Service email address:

- Animals are not allowed, with the exception of guide dogs if necessary.

- Visitors are warned that the installations also include strobe lights that may damage the cameras.

- Photographs and videos for personal use are permitted and we encourage you to share them on social media. Photographs or videos for commercial use are only allowed with prior permission.

- There are no lockers for storing buggies. To make your visit easier and more comfortable, we recommend the use of baby carriers.

- Naturaleza Encendida is an outdoor event and we aim for a safe and excellent experience. Naturaleza Encendida takes place normally in the rain. The activity will only be cancelled in the event of a weather alert and/or if the safety of visitors or the quality of the show is endangered. 

- In the event of cancellation, users will be notified by SMS and/or email within 72 hours. It is important that at the time of purchase you give us your details correctly: mobile phone number and email address written in small letters.

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